These rules are to provide peaceful and safe stay in Szalejowka.

1. Check in time starts at 4 p.m. (arrival) and check-out time at 10 a.m.

2. Please give us a notice or a call (0048 507612301) regarding you approximate arrival time, so we can provide you with the key.

3. Smoking in Szalejowka is not allowed.

4. No inflammable materials, explosives, fire-works, foul-smelling substances can be brought into the cottage.

5. Making a reservation requires a deposit at 30% of the value of the rent. This is due to be paid via bank transfer as we do not accept cash. Bank details are provided in contact us section.

6. If the reservation has been rescheduled or cancelled for reasons that are independent from the owner, the deposit is not paid back to the tenant.

7. The fee for the additional person is 30 Euro – if not reported during making the reservation. There can be maximum 6 people at the house at the time.

8. The remaining part of the rent payment is due to be paid via bank transfer prior to the arrival date, so the money reaches account of Szalejowka before the guest arrive. Should the tenant fail to make a remaining payment, the owner is entitled to refuse accommodation. The deposit will not be returned.

9. Tenants are also obliged to pay a security deposit on arrival day at the amount of 100 Euro that is given back to them on the departure day after the cottage has been checked.

10.No electrical or gas appliances apart from those found in the cottage can be used by tenants.

11. Should the tenants find anything broken or damaged, they are obliged to report that to the owner as soon as possible.

12. Tenants take financial responsibility for any damage caused in the cottage that can be described as their own fault throughout their stay there. For that reason the tenant agrees to pay for any repairs to anything damaged or broken in the cottage as well as pay for anything missing there.

13. Cars can be parked only in space prepared for that shown by the owner. Parking is free.

14. Pets are accepted, provided that their presence is reported to the owner wile a reservation is being made and they do not cause any damage. The fee is 50 Euro/pet. Tenants are financially responsible for all the damage caused by their pets.

15. In case the number of people that have moved in a cottage exceeds the number stated in the booking order and the owner has not been informed about that fact, the owner has right to break the rent agreement immediately, with all the consequences for tenants including losing their rent payment.

16. Tenants are obliged to leave the cottage in the same condition as they received it, which includes doing the washing up and cleaning the kitchen equipment. Ignoring this responsibility results in deducting 30 Euro from their security deposit.

17. In case of a serious breach of herein written regulations the owner has the right to shorten the tenant’s stay in Szalejowka and ask them to leave immediately. If the tenant’s stay in Szalejowka has been shortened according to the rules specified in the above regulations the rent payment is not paid back to the tenant.

18. Baby cot is available on request, please do request while making reservation.

19. The owner of Szalejowka does not take responsibility for the personal belongings of the tenants left throughout their stay.

20. Loosing key by tenant results in payment 50 Euro due to lock change.

21. The inherent law to settle disputes between the owner and the tenant is Polish law. Should a dispute fail to be settled out of court, the matter might be taken up by the inherent law court operating in the owner’s residence area.